TOTW: Mainstream Culture and Politics

This week we’re taking a look at mainstream culture and politics. How are things looking from your point-of-view?

What is your relationship like to mainstream culture and politics in and outside of anarchism?

Is it by choice or because of other obligations, like work, family, and friends? Should anarchists be more and less involved in these more mainstream cultural and political activities? What does participating vs. spectating vs. keeping track of look like? How is your anarchist practice defined by the mainstream (the news cycle, the topics of the day, popular culture)? Is your affinity group organizing around mainstream issues? Is it selling out, just surviving, getting to know your enemy, or simply becoming what you hate?

And on the other end, are you distancing yourself from mainstream society and it’s day-to-day grind? What does that look like and how has it been? What can anarchists learn from this?