TOTW: The year past, the year ahead

The closing of one year and the opening of another provides an opportunity to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. This TOTW is a space for those reflections, both personal and general.

  • What did you do this year that you’re proud of? What did you start, what did you finish? What are you looking forward to doing in the new year?
  • What were some of your favorite comments on @news? What we some of your favorite stories? Did you have a favorite topic of the week?
  • What were some of this year’s biggest “stories” relating to anarchy? What was undercovered, either here or elsewhere? Is there anything you got tired of seeing?
  • What changed for the better? What changed for the worse? Where do you see that going in the new year and beyond?
  • Notable things you read, watched, played, listened to – both good and bad? What are you looking forward to this year?
  • Best meme of 2017?