ATUBES: December 2017, Digest of the Anarchist Tubes

Welcome to volume #3, issue #12 of ATUBES: Digest of the Anarchist Tubes; for the month of December 2017.

This month we’re taking a closer look at 3 texts published on the website. Enclosed as a PDF, [Letter and A4 compatible,as well as an imposed PDF* of Letter and A4 compatibility] – the December Digest of the Anarchist Tubes.

PDF- (23 pages)
Imposed PDF- (12 pages)


volume #3, issue #12

December 2017

The three texts included are:

Theories of Anarchist Development by Shawn P. Wilbur

Below and Beyond Trump: Power and Counter-Power in 2017 by Black Rose Anarchist Federation Analysis and Strategy Committee (and approved by the members)

For Kataina Gogou from Autonomies


* music while compiling: Nicola Cruz, “Puente Roto” –

teh editor of ¯_(ATUBES)_/¯

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