We Are Those The Fascists Hate

via eco-revolt

Oozing blood red with Life, embracing animalistic passions born from love and hate, deconstructive iconoclasts practicing radical mysticism, agents of liminality and ontological anarchy, absurdists caught between tears and laughter, living in the Uncanny; we are those the fascists hate.

If we release “fascism” from its distinctive ideological-historical period (that movement in Italy), then fascism appears to be a philosophical and political movement that holds the (anal) retention of History and its narrative of (phallic) progress through empire. Fascism signifies the utmost sanctification of civilisation’s repression and neurosis, born from technological development and encoded into myth through the histographic cartographies of Symbolic culture. And as we release our flesh from the chains of civilisation, we become the embodiment of all fascism hates.

We who embrace wild-Being, seeking to relinquish ourselves from repression and the animal-ego-renunciation, who find beauty in the dark ineffable that defies encoding; we live within the energetic flow of Life that fascism hates before all else. Like Roman’s looking upon the druid’s who refused encoding into History and embrace the Uncanny wild, fascists (on both sides of the political cartography) will seek to depict as monsters of the feral enemies of History – monsters to be tamed, caged or slayed (as all myths require. In our becoming-animal we become were-wolves who howl to the night – wolves fascists declare must be made into dogs.

At the centre of fascism, as in all civilisation, is the singular principle of “thou shalt tame”. And all that is outside of the territory, all that is uncivilised, is deemed as needing to be tamed. The land must be tamed and made nation. Beasts must be tamed and made domesticated livestock, pet or otherwise captured, or else be culled. Those categorised as degenerate must be tamed and made a Man in God’s eyes, civilised.

Not all civilisations opporate under the banner of fascism, but fascism signifies most the defining features of civilisation. This is why all totalising-civilisations, be they Marxist, liberal, libertarian, monarchist, theocratic, conservative, pseudo-anarchist etc., are all somewhat fascistic, if not outright fascist. They all worship before History, sanctifying the geo-spatial Reality it has constructed in its technological progression. They all distrust and ultimately hate those who embrace wild-Being and love the untamed, animal; those who, like Sigurd, listen to bird song to discover the mystical, rather than follow the encodings of the mythical of civilisation.

We those who defy this Reality, the feral, nihilists, untame anarchists, enemies of the Leviathan, enemies of History, enemies of the Word of God, lovers of bird song, those who feed the soil with their blood; we are those the fascists hate.


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/we-are-those-fascists-hate