TOTW: Anarchist by Any Other Name

There is a tension between people who don’t/would never call themselves anarchist but agree with (some) anarchist principles, and people who own the label. Projects like Crimethinc have perfected (?) the naming of things as anarchist, when some would call those things simple human behavior (like, making and eating meals with friends, etc). Obviously the main point of this sort of practice is to de-mystify anarchy and anarchists, to put the bomb-throwing in a larger, less scary context, or to negate the scary bits altogether.
Part of the point of anarchy is that it is in fact normal behavior in some ways for people, so is that the interesting part of it for you?
When have you opted to make anarchy sound friendly? When has it worked better to keep it scary? Which do you tend towards? Who is the biggest non-anarchist influence on your anarchy? (I think mine was Bertrand Russell, but it’s been a long time.)