Weird Science: The Shoddy Condition of Anarchist Climate Science

Weird Science – The Shoddy Condition of Anarchist Climate Study

How Do We Know If Science is “Good Science?”

A strange article popped up this past week, on an otherwise,
mostly rational, scientific blog: Arctic News. I had appreciated
what appeared to be the raw data on the site:

When I saw the warning, I wondered who the author was
and fell down the rabbit hole of peer-reviewed and industry-
authoritarian science research publishing. So it seems the
author, Sam Carana, is actually a Ph.d scientist, Dr. Guy McPherson,
(there is some reference to this aka)
who has – wierdly enough – left the country, but whose story rang bells with
the narratives of Dr. Brian Martin, a valuable ‘liberation scientist’ in Australia.

Twenty minutes spent with this article from Dr. McPherson’s blog says a lot:

So (again) its hard to ignore the sheer amount of data in Dr. McPherson’s article.
I myself wrote an article on the IPCC’s 4th update for IAS (who didn’t publish it),
which quoted Mike Davis’ review that the IPCC report was understated, and precisely
because of methane feedbacks. I also brought up problems with the peer-review
process in science journals. At any rate, things appear to be vastly more out of control
than we’re being told: there’s a distinct possibility of a several degrees Celsius rise in global
average temperature by 2021, beyond which life ceases to exist.

After some basic deconstruction on Dr. McPherson’s work, I found what I had hoped
to find (even with its mind-blowing conclusions):

1. Raw data presented for the reader’s own review;
2. extensive reference to the humanitarian ethics involved;
3. fully referenced corroborative articles by other scientists;
4. the author not bought and paid for by government and industry;
5. the author’s attempt to tell the narrative of his discovery
to a non-specialist audience;
6. the author’s peers are also respected scientists, including
some who are involved at;
7. the author references Truth-out, Alternet and the Intercept,
publications for which I have some respect.

I’m interested in anarchist response to this data as, well,
we should call it how we see it: I’m thinking of the
philosophy and experience of John Trudell and other
Indigenous thinkers – their teleologies (future-oriented thought).

Recently, a scalable map of sea-level rise at 2* and 4*C
show what is projected for the coastal US, showing
much of Boston, NYC, Philly, D.C. and all of south Florida,
as well as SF, Oakland, Portland and Seattle
with major portions under water (from…

I feel weird writing this.
Where are my transhumanist peeps?
yours truly,