How Kurds & Anarchists Came Together on March 24th

From It’s Going Down

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In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talked with two members each of the North American Kurdish Alliance (NAKA), a network of Kurdish people across the US who support the Rojava Revolution and Kurdish self-determination, as well as Demand Utopia, an organization of anarchists and communalists in the Pacific Northwest. Joined with other Kurdish and anarchist groups, such as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), the confederation set out to launch actions of solidarity and support on March 24th for the city of Afrin, which at the time was surrounded by the Turkish State.

Big rally in Portland for #WorldAfrinDay

In Olympia we raised nearly $1000 for Hevya Sor and threw a kickass party.

Around the world comrades showed up for #Rojava

Community is the root of revolution. We are building it, where we are. Utopia is just the beginning. Demand more.

— Demand Utopia (@DemandUtopia) March 25, 2018

As the number of events grew in North America, internationally March 24th became a global day of action, with solidarity events happening from as far away as Afghanistan and Tokyo, and ranged from banner drops and educational events, to militant street marches and the occupation of buildings.

La #solidaridad del pueblo de #Bolivia con #Kurdistá

— KurdistánAméricaLat (@KurdistanLat) March 26, 2018

We also spend a fair amount of time discussing the situation currently in Rojava, as the Turkish State backed by former ISIS fighters has now taken the city of Afrin and a guerrilla struggle has broken out on the streets with remaining units of YPG, YPJ, and SDF. We also discuss the situation of the Afrin refugees, as well as what the next possible moves by the Turkish State might be, as it has threatened to “re-Turkify” the entire Rojavan region. In the face of ethnic cleansing, war, and possible genocide, we ask: what does international solidarity look like?

Actions for #WorldAfrinDay across North America: New pictures of solidarity for #Afrin & #YPG_YPJ resistance from SanFrancisco, LosAngles, Olympia, Portland, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Virginia, Richmond, NY, NewOrleans… #DefendAfrin #BreakSilenceOnAfrin

— IC Afrin Resist (@ICafrinresist) March 26, 2018

We end by discussing how communities of Kurds and anarchists, autonomists, and anti-authoritarians can continue to come together in the future, and how we can also begin to build dual power and community based autonomy where we stand now.

More Info: North American Kurdish Alliance, Demand Utopia, IGD roundup of March 24th solidarity events, and Information Center of Afrin Resistance