June 14, 2021

Indonesia: Trial Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners

Information update from the Anarchist Prisoners in Yogyakarta as of now, they are as well as can be expected. Even though comrade BV is experiencing shortness of breath, and now it’s beginning to get better.

The trial process is very long, especially for comrade BV, AM, and W. Those whose the trials already happened on 8.11.18 have already proceeded to the trials of pleading (defedent’s defence), and before that they already receive the demands from the Public Prosecutor with a maximum penalty of 10 months at their trial on 1.11.18 at the Sleman District Court. At the moment they are being retained at Cebongan Prison, Sleman awaiting the following trial process with the agenda for the verdict to be handed down on 22.11.18.

We will keep updating information for you with further developments


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