April 17, 2021

Lights, Tacos, Action: Franklin Lopez on the Future of Radical Film

From It’s Going Down

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In light of the success of our three part series on electorialism and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), we are now launching a three part series on the anarchist movement in so-called Canada and its relation to other social movements, namely the anti-colonial struggles that has been waged by indigenous folks since colonization.

To kick off the series, we talk with Franklin Lopez of Sub.Media, voice of the Stimulator and part of a larger collective that produces a monthly documentary series, Trouble, that covers everything from gentrification, to the refugee crisis, to the recent J20 trail in amazing and beautifully produced shows.

The #DisruptJ20 events set the tone for resistance to Trump’s regime and the repression that came down on over 200 peeps involved was an indicator that the regime would try hard to silence dissent.#Trouble #J20 #ConspiracyToRiot pic.twitter.com/wPYFA3twlL

— submedia (@submedia) October 23, 2018

In our conversation, we talk about what all went into the recent episode of Trouble, which focused on the fight to defend the J20 defendants as well as the next episode, which will center on looking at mental health from an anarchist perspective. We then talk about the future of the popular Sub.Media character ‘Stim,’ as well as what fans can expect for upcoming Sub.Media projects in 2019. We also touch on the future of anarchist media, people combing efforts, and the growth of local projects and websites. We end by talking about what has been going down across so-called Canada as well as the situation in Puerto Rico, which Frank spoke to the last time he was on the program.

Stay tuned for future episodes in this series on anarchist projects in Canada, as we talk with the From Embers podcast, as well as No Borders organizer and media maker, Jaggi Singh.

More Info: Sub.Media website, Sub.Media on Vimeo, and our past interviews with Frank on this show here and here.


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