June 16, 2021

Indonesia: Aftonomi Press need support for version of “The Society of the Spectacle”

The comrades need support to publish an Indonesian (Bahasa) translation of Guy Debord’s “The Society of the Spectacle”.

“The spectacle present itself simultaneously as society itself, as a part of society, and as a means of unification. As a part of society, it is the focal point of all vision and all consciousness. But due to the very fact that this sector is seperate, it is in reality the domain of delusion and false consciousness: the unification it achieves is nothing but an official languange of universal separation” The Society of the Spectacle-Guy Debord.

Aftonomi press is part of the Aftonomi infoshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. One of the projects that has been completed is translating The Society of the Spectacle – Guy Debord into Bahasa (Indonesian Version). The book will be published by Aftonomi Press. Armed Joy – Alfredo M. Bonanno and has been published by Aftonomi Press. After publishing The Society of the Spectacle – Guy Debord, Anarchism and Its Aspiration – Cindy Milstein – will be published. The collective also communicated with Cindy, and the next step is to translate Rebellious Mourning – Cindy Milstein.

Unfortunately, we lack the funds to publish Guy Debord’s book and it is undeniable in Indonesia that the literature of anarchism and Situasionist is the least, so we really want this book to be published soon for the development of ideas and methods in anarchists in
Indonesia. This is a good project, I hope you can consider this. You can help by donating directly to paypal.me/aftonomi or you can buy books or t-shirts that we sell.

For check what we sell, you can see it on Instagram: @Aftonomi.
Donate: paypal.me/aftonomi


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/indonesia-aftonomi-press-need-support-version-%E2%80%9C-society-spectacle%E2%80%9D


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