June 16, 2021

No Borders Media Podcast: Anarchist Analysis After The US Midterms

From It’s Going Down

No Borders Media presents another episode of their news roundup featuring Cindy Milstein and someone from It’s Going Down.

This is an extended (90 mins) No Borders Media news roundup, recorded a few days after the US mid-term elections on November 6, 2018. Our panelists in this episode are Cindy Milstein, editor of Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief, Andrew of It’s Going Down, and Jaggi Singh, of No Borders Media.

Together, Cindy, Andrew and Jaggi nerd out on US politics from an anarchist perspective. We analyze the midterms, critique voting as harm reduction,and explore political trends of interest to people organizing for liberation.

Cindy, who recently wrote the article, Our Grief Is a Starting Point in the Fight Against Fascism, explores the weight of despair in this Trumpian moment, but also inspiring examples of solidarity and mutual aid. Andrew breaks down how Fox News host Tucker Carlson actively supports and enables white nationalism And Jaggi makes the case, again, against liberal civility and for radical authenticity, in the struggle against the far-right.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/nobordersmedia/newsroundup111718

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