June 14, 2021

TOTW: What is our goal again?

This week has seen another round of doxing and hostile posturing in anarchist circles. I have to wonder “how do you think this is going to play out” when I see the “real world consequence” behavior of anarchists who wail about their own need for anonymity while taking other people through a parade of public hostility. When you push a stranger to the edge they will turn to violence, either interpersonal or meta-personal (the State).

I think that anon thinks that their hostility will end when they disappear their enemies, but turn the tables and ask the same question. If you were dissected in public would it make you go away (from the anarchist space)? Or would it harden your resolve because the worst has happened and you survived it?

Within our circles we know all types. We know who will run as soon as you go boo. We know who will grab a truncheon and probably hurt somebody. We know who will run to the cops…

But what is our goal again? Is our goal to win hair-splitting contests or is it to prepare for a war/battle/fight with our *true enemy*, which is the State and Capitalist Power, right?

Let’s say we scare away all the bad people (as tremendously horrible, and yet similar to us, as they are!?), can we then start working on our shared goals or will the tactics, thinking used on, and victory over, peers lead us away from ever looking at larger, impossible goals? Is it fair to say (some, many, all) anarchists have sacrificed the fight for anarchy to instead have the more attainable and petty goals of making shitty people (and ourselves) feel bad?


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/totw-what-our-goal-again


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