June 16, 2021

Update on The Brilliant Podcast

From The Brilliant

While you all have been bickering we have been working on the Brilliant podcast putting out an episode about every other week.

The episode you will probably like the most since it is about North American anarchist history is the conversation I had with Seaweed. You can find it here http://thebrilliant.org/podcast/episode-85-seaweed/. We discuss PSZ (Permanent Subsistence Zones) and Land and Freedom.

We also did a series of episodes trying to really grapple with the National Anarchist scene. We did two critical conversations

and a conversation with an author from Tribes magazine.

We tried to frame the whole thing by tying it in with Bolo’bolo (one of my favorite books) and perhaps had some success.

Finally we just put up the text of the content from Episode 65. What is anarchism in 2018?


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/update-brilliant-podcast


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