May 5, 2021

The Hotwire #46: November 21, 2018

From CrimethInc.

Camilo Catrillanca—Comrades speak out on being doxxed—Mutual aid after Camp Fire

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In our second to last episode of 2018, we bring you reports from the anti-fascist counter-demonstrations against right-wing rallies in Philadelphia and Portland. We also bring you a humble, frank letter from anti-fascists who have recently been doxxed in North Carolina. Mutual Aid efforts—organized and spontaneous—are popping up in response to the Camp Fire and to defend the migrant caravan in Tijuana from nationalist haters. From coast to coast, climbers get up in trees and ontop of pipeline construction equipment to defend forests. In Chile, a wave of revolt has spread after the police murder of 14-year-old Mapuche villager Camilo Catrillanca. There is already anti-anarchist repression ahead of the G20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Intro {0:00}
    • Headlines {0:55}
    • Reports from anti-fascist rallies in Philadelphia and Portland {10:10}
    • Anti-fascists speak out about being doxxed {15:10}
    • Revolt in Chile after police murder Camilo Catrillanca {21:20}
    • Repression roundup {22:50}
    • Next Week’s News {29:40}
  • Download 29:30 minutes long version.

  • Upcoming events/demos/etc:
  • In response to the California fires, North Valley Mutual Aid is organizing with community members to provide support for those affected. Some of what they’re looking for includes funds, kitchen and first aid supplies (medical and emotional), clean-up and building materials, and organizing spaces. According to their website: “Please also let us know if you have specific materials to donate or otherwise want to get involved on the ground. And anyone from Paradise and the surrounding communities is encouraged to get in touch with ideas and needs to keep our efforts centered on those impacted directly who might not know their community is here to help in this manner.” They can be reached at [email protected].

  • To find the best ways to support the migrant caravans travelling to the US-Mexico border, look up Commotion.World. They have lots of useful info—from listing the physical items that are needed, to who you can trust to donate to, to what you can do if you want to actually be on the ground, to a map of ICE detention centers and business that contract with ICE.

  • Here’s a link to the full statement from the group Asheville Solidarity on the recent doxxing of activists and anti-racists there.

  • For a rant on why extremism is a bad framework for opposing Nazis, check out Hotwire #7.

  • There is a call out for solidarity actions with anarchists in Russia, who are currently experiencing brutal state repression. You can read more about the situation on

  • Supporters of Todd Wentworth, a prison rebel held by the Michigan Department of Corrections who is currently under duress for whistleblowing on guards’ role in the murder of a fellow prisoner, are asking that people send him letters and notes of support, however short; it would mean a lot to him!

    Here is his address:

    Todd Wentworth #400451

    Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility (IBC)

    1727 West Bluewater Highway

    Ionia, MI 48846

    Additionally, Todd is is seeking a psychologist or someone otherwise qualified to perform psych evaluations who could provide a psych evaluation to send the parole board. If you have leads on this, please let them know.

  • Some folks are raising money for a People of Color Trans Two-spirit Women Action Camp to be held sometime this fall on occupied land. The camp is intended to provide Trans, two spirit, and women of color autonomy from white supremacy and patriarchy and create space to engage in converstaions on colorism, transphobia, disability, privilege around documented status, and antiblackness while building solidarity. To contribute, visit their GoFundMe page.

  • Use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write a birthday message for Ferguson revolt prisoner Josh Williams:

    Joshua Williams #1292002

    Jefferson City Correctional Center
    8200 No More Victims

    Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

    {Birthday: November 25}

  • Sales are OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing.




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