June 14, 2021

Paris: cars torched, not in solidarity with Gilets Jaunes

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As it seems, this Fall’s fashion is to wear sharp yellow. As it seems, it’s suiting quite well with the blue-white-red flag. As it seems, we must absolutely attend the protest and contribute because people are in the streets, they’re without organizations and it’s getting riotous. As it seems, if we not attend this means we are forcibly staying on the internet.

We don’t give a fuck.

The barricades on the Champs Élysées are not hiding confusion. The smashy-smashy cannot replace antiauthoritarian ideas. We were in the streets back in 2016, and will be again, but not for the purpose of defending the old world and its cars.

And we believe that many other possibilities exist; we only have to look for these.

So early in the morning of November 27th, we torched a car that belonged to the technical services of the Police Prefecture, in front of the Camille Desmoulins station (the same one that had lost its windows, four years ago). The Enedis-serigraphied car right in front also had it coming. Enedis, with its branch Gepsa, makes profits out of prison. They’re managing, among others, the Meaux prison where Kreme is held. (we’re sending you a photo hug btw!).

Solidarity also with the anarchists in prison around the world, of those from Operation Scripta Manent in Italy, to the CCF in Greece, and to those arrested in Argentina.

Oil prices are rising? We’ll just use fire-starters!

signed Stuart, Kevin et Bob


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/paris-cars-torched-not-solidarity-gilets-jaunes


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