June 14, 2021

TOTW: Education revisited

This week we’re revisiting an old topic, and bringing up some new ones within it. Education is an indoctrination and also seen as a right of passage in society, one that often leads down a path towards work, the military, or prison.

Have you considered what an ideal anarchist school would look like? Where would you want your kids to go? An anarchist free school, a Waldorf school, a Montessori school, public school, another alternative school, or something else altogether? What does this look like?

What has your experience been as an anarchist parent with children in modern day schooling and education? And if you’re younger, a teenager – what is your experience like in secondary school? Or the later college years? Or was it like?

Are you an anarchist teacher / professor? How is that going?

Do you have a hot take on the current institution of education in the USA (or elsewhere)? The student debt crisis (a warning to students of all ages), charter schools, life after school in the workplace, vocational training vs. the college general education, the school to prison pipeline at younger ages as current popular subjects within education, or another topic coming up in current conversations.


Via:: https://anarchistnews.org/content/totw-education-revisited


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