May 8, 2021

TOTW: Niches and Roles and Eco-systems Oh My

This week anews moderation was once again impugned. A member of thecollective brought up that no website can/should try to/will ever satisfy all the people’s needs. If a healthy biosphere (to work a metaphor) has multiple options to meet various needs, or brains (to use a different metaphor) after damage can build different connections after to re-enable skills and memories, then what are ways that we can, right now, get our needs met? Or perhaps more clearly stated, how do you use your different anarchist connections differently? How does raddle work for you in ways that anews doesn’t, and vice versa? What (if anything) is reddit good for? Do you find things on IGD or crimethinc. and then go looking for conversation elsewhere? Are there local sites that work better for you, in terms of meeting people f2f? How have you crazy-quilted a working system for yourself, and how does the connection of online to offline work for you? Or, how would you like it to work for you? (If anews (and other forums) are filled with people who only loathe online communication and wish only for apparently-impossible f2f interactions, what does that say about the level of communication that can happen here, and also about the agency of such folks?)

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