May 6, 2021

TOTW: Place

I have a big move ahead of me, but as of yet I’m not sure where. In figuring out where that “where” is going to be, my partner and I have talked frequently about places where we’d be more likely to encounter other anarchists. On the one hand it would be nice to be in a city with a visible anarchist presence, a change from the relatively small, sleepy place we’re in right now, but on the other those presences tend to be kind of lame, and our lived experiences over the years here have shown that you can find anarchists even in quiet place, and that the people you meet may be more interesting than the usual suspects of the milieu of the big city.

My sense is that big cities also tend to be more prepared for managing activities that disrupt the status quo, in ways that range from intentional policing to inadvertent (not the least of which is a high cost of living that keeps people working). Then again, there are likely to be benefits that come with having more than a handful of people in the room or multiple projects working together or in competition from different groups of people.

Are there places that are “better” or “worse” for anarchy? How has the place you’re living (or places you’ve lived) helped form or change your politics? How have you benefited? How have you been challenged?

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