March 1, 2021

Oak Journal – Rejecting the World Society Paradigm

Welcome to Oak Audiozine, in this episode we hear primarily from a conversation with Bellamy Fitzpatrick and John Zerzan. The conversation covers a lot of ground, from resistance to possibility and veganism to eco-extremism. We want to thank Bellamy and John for taking part in the conversation.

In addition to the interview this episode features “Western Blot” by Ren Hlao and the first part of a reading of the essay “Feral Magick” by Jason Rodgers, listen to the rest of the essay in our next episode. You can hear a brief preview of our next episode at the end.

Oak print journal will be available early spring. Early pre-orders help immensely. Look for another episode in February. A huge thanks to all our contributors this episode, Bellamy Fitzpatrick, John Zerzan, Ren Hlao, and Jason Rodgers.

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