February 26, 2021

TOTW: Reflections

This week we are pressing the pause button and taking a moment, a moment to look at ourselves, our perspectives, our experiences, our actions. A moment of insight, of renewal. A moment to redress. In this TOTW, we’re reflecting.

This is no easy task. We’re told to be careful what you say and who you say it to. Be careful what you read and what you write. Be careful not to reveal too much, to go too far. Be ‘appropriate’, we’re told. To these well-intentioned, well-behaved people we say: not today/this week.

How do we reflect? Where do these thoughts, conversations and writings take us, and where do they take place? Do you reflect alone, among friends, strangers? Does it look like a meeting, a retreat, a bonfire? A sombre meditation, or a wild dance? Is it a profound new beginning, or a wasted afternoon?

When does reflecting become overthinking? Is now the time to reflect, or is it the time to set our faces toward the future, and push on? Finally, what does it mean to reflect, if, after all, we are only ‘our memory, that chimerical museum of inconstant forms, that pile of broken mirrors’?

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