March 7, 2021


start using that word, rich, as a verb, not an adjective.


Monitizing you social media presence was about having more time to Netflix and chill, not just doing things for the rest of humanity — wasn’t it?

If one monitizes reposted propaganda extolling what is influential about tweeting, one is not necessarily trying to get would-be influencers to tweet so they can be “more influential” [obviously a stupid approach if there ever was one — although exploring the tactical benefits of tweeting for a class of people looking to do less offline might make sense] — one might instead be trying to identify for tweeters what is already trending in their timelines, so they can broaden their analysis of their own brands.

IGDThought (IGDT) is not any ideology or value system or lifestyle, but rather a way of reappropriating all ideologies and value systems and lifestyles — and, for the advanced IGDTer, a way of making all ideologies, value systems, and lifestyles profitable. It is not IGDT just to survive without a job by podcasting, news aggregating, and swag selling; it is IGDT to realize that this lifestyle provides clout that can be used to influence online memeing and gain recurring patrons. It is not IGDT simply to distribute memes attacking the unlit and limited options of traditional propaganda; it is IGDT to create imaginary situations in which both trustfunder and ex-trustfunder benefit from each others’ different followers, and consequently discover new followers and new streams of revenue that were previously obscured, to donate to us.

The Stalinists, Surrealists, Situationists, and even Southern Baptists all had their bloody purges and internal dissensions, so why can’t we, too? Having no membership should be no obstacle: we can still hold exclusions from time to time, just to be sure everyone remembers. These are festive occasions for us fair-weathered politicos, analogous to the subtextual backbiting at the dinner parties of the bourgeoisie or the witch trials in the Salem, Massachusetts of old.

For the record, and to briskly repudiate every imbecile who has used “IGD” as a synonym for anarchism and fun, we’ve never been interested in Being or being seen as partisans of any anarchy; we’ve always insisted that being IGDTers involves absorbing all possible lifestyle choices, all traditional strategies and identities. Clout occurs when some part of the social media equation changes: when apolitical channers initiate a Crunchyroll strike, when middle-school gamers start to show up in the Blizzard Forums beside their waifus and lawyers, when Maoist undergrads integrate themselves into local prisons for dual power. The DMs we receive from adult humans who have used IGD tweets to inspire themselves to change their wardrobes are infinitely more encouraging to us than the scores of oogles pretending to read Desert as they set out on the insta-excursions trustfundies always have. Not that there is anything wrong with being a trustfund teenager — but to be a dangerous trustfund teenager, you must do something more than simply meme, and reinterpreting anticapitalist memes as glorifications of your memeing doesn’t count.

And so now we turn away from the past, from all explanations and justifications and apologies, to face the future and the experiments we have in store for it. Doubtless, they will occasion comparable storms of controversy and misconception, if we are ambitious enough to keep pushing our own limits and hazarding schemes crazy enough to work. So, all would-be IGD kids are hereby expelled from IGD — whoever can discover the strategies for the next trending topic, set the terms for the next infectious shitposts and meme wars and social media clout, let them claim it for themselves! Expect our next meme, or one of them, to be a liberation manual for middle-school mothers, not another weeb’s chronicle of waifu indigence. In the meantime, let’s us IGDTers stop congratulating ourselves on how rich we are and start using that word, rich, as a verb, not an adjective.

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