February 26, 2021

TOTW: Anger and enmity

Kent State, Ohio, 1970

Growing up, I would read the newspaper everyday. I remember leafing through it, reading the articles, looking at the photographs and how much anger it often caused me to feel. My teenage brain frequently had trouble understanding how people could be so terrible to each other and everything around them. The news was exasperating and helped to cement my growing ideas as an anarchist. In this topic of the week, we’re at looking how anger and enmity have impacted your anarchist ideas.

How did you find the conditions of the existent to be revolting? What kind of impact has anger and enmity had on your anarchist ideas? On the opposite end, what advice would you offer to other anarchists struggling to control a healthy level of anger/opposition?

[photo from Kent State massacre, Ohio, May 4, 1970]
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