December 5, 2020

TOTW: Winners, Losers and ?

A recent TOTW got me thinking about what I see as Anews’ purpose. I’ve heard people say that humans are a storytelling animal and, generalizations on human nature aside, I ultimately see Anews as a storytelling platform. I see it as a place for people to share a variety of stories about both those people who call themselves Anarchists and those people who simply act anarchically.

Yet so often these stories are formed by the most basic of structures, the binary of victory or, at least implicitly, defeat. The plots are familiar: our action went well, our group is strong, humans are good, our cause is righteous, we wield real power. But on the other side of these stories are those statements made only in whispers: the state remains, our enemy is another human, most do not believe in our cause, perhaps we are not the winners.

Although I would be interested in amplifying those whispers, I don’t believe that this simple duality encompasses the entirety of human experience let alone all of life. What I am definitely interested in is how we expand this story, how we change it, grow it, mutate it, think critically about it and what effect that has on our lives. But how do we do this? Do we start valuing survival over victory? Do we simply evade our enemies rather than taking them head-on? Do we just remove the idea of an enemy entirely? How do we change the story of Anarchy, of our lives, from one of light vs. dark to something else entirely?

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