February 26, 2021

Immediatism Podcast 78: Can Anarchism Be Saved? by Aragorn!

Cover of the book The Bastard Chronicles 2018

If anarchism (by which I mean anarchy over time) is anything it is a system of ideas that is so persuasive as to not need to persuade, so informal as to not need a foundation, church, or organization, and so beautiful as to not have to be explained. Why is it then that so many former anarchists turn away from the term? … Can anarchism be saved and should it be?

This is a workshop talk given by Aragorn! to open 2018’s Bastard Conference. It is available through LittleBlackCart.com in The Bastard Chronicles 2018: Hyphenated Anarchisms. Here it is read for you as Immediatism podcast episode 78.


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