December 1, 2020

Amazon Truck Sabotage

via Philly Anti-Capitalist

On a recent rainy night, some companions found an Amazon truck lurking in the shadows of a residential building, and with a quick and quiet scope of the scene, damaged and immobilized the truck in under a minute before melting back into the shadows.

An attack of this scale can sometimes feel futile against this many-headed corpse, as more often than not, a new head grows back in its place. But in reality, these small acts are a much larger part of prefiguration and the practice of embodying the world we want to live in now, rather than waiting for the right conditions for a popular uprising to storm all Amazon warehouses and end them once and for all. Even an uprising of that size would not stop the capitalist machine and society that brought them into being.

These small daily attacks, while fucking up a driver’s day and costing Amazon a set of new tires, also builds a culture of rejection that goes much much deeper than an occasional boycott. What may be blown off as insignificant inconveniences that are easily fixed and replaced, for us is a building of techniques and tactics, affinities and affirmations of an embodied rejection of the society that allowed Amazon to exist in the first place.

These seeming inconsequential acts teach us how to show up and look out for each other, act on our own accord, and in that process naturally create a culture that openly opposes the death cult of capitalism.

What are the small gestures and attacks that can teach us to act on our own and run as a pack?

Acting autonomously is not as out of reach as we have been taught to believe.

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