April 17, 2021

Anarcho-Primitivism: Civilization, Symbolic Culture, and Rewilding

Anarcho-Primitivism: Civilization, Symbolic Culture, and Rewilding

Jul 24, 2017

Dr. Layla AbdelRahim is an anthropologist, author,
Revolutionary, and anarcho-primitivist thinker who urges us to
examine civilization, its premises, its psychology, its
pathologies, and its manifestions (including capitalism). She sits
down with Brett to discuss the philosophy of anarcho-primitivism
and debunks myths that many leftists have about the tendency and
the philosophy that goes with it. It’s not a call to dismantle
everything with no concern for who it hurts; rather it offers a way
*forward* by insisting on an analysis that goes deeper than
capitalism, and cuts to the core of our civilization, our
evolutionary history, and our psyches. This is a must-listen

Topics Include: Civilization, language, anthropology, symbolic
culture, the use of language, the agricultural revolution, Marxism,
the concept of “rewilding”, meditation, train journies across
Russia, going into nature, and much more!!!


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