April 14, 2021

“Operation Bialystok” – Anarchists from Berlin in Solidarity and Complicity

From roundrobin.info, Translated by act for freedom now!


It is becoming more and more obvious that the dominant economic system is sacrificing any expression of individual freedom, social equality and solidarity to the law of profit and exasperated competition.

In the face of all this, numerous scenarios of revolt are breaking out and spreading in every part of the world.

From Kurdish democratic federalism to the Zapatista autonomous territories, from Hong Kong to Chile.

In recent months, the way in which the Covid pandemic has been managed has further amplified and made evident the inequality between those who suffer the system and those who claim to control it.

This has made social tension and its explosive potential more extreme.

George Floyd’s death, in itself not an exceptional event in the context of the brutality of a system that kills and devastates every day, which happened during the global lockdown due to the pandemic, has unleashed an explosion of anger on an international level that has shown itself in multiple forms: from sieges of police districts to the plunder of the goods that many no longer have, or never had, the possibility to possess, to huge demonstrations in the streets.

And amidst the shouts of those who, tired of suffering and obeying head down, want to be heard here and now, we detect a clear message: even in the face of a system that has tried with all the means and technologies at its disposal to control, organize, lobotomize and repress all the aspects of our lives, the natural sense of rebellion and dignity has not been completely annihilated and is resurfacing in all its strength and multiplicity. In the face of social disintegration, many naturally decided not to put down their heads and to activate forms of self-organization of their anger and their existent. Individual and collective experiences that claim their uniqueness and difference, but which line up united against a power that wants to uniform them in order to be able to control them easily and annihilate them when they are no longer compliant with the laws of economic profit.

In the present international scenario, the opposition to this system of exploitation is not represented by a single opposition front but by a multiplicity of forms and conflictual existences, the majority of which are not aiming at substituting themselves on the stage of power, but want to defend their own experiences of self-management. This wonderful and chaotic fire is growing, spreading and reproducing like immanent biodiversity, and forms of power are finding themselves unprepared and weak in moving on a level of reality that is becoming ever wider and more slippery. Who manages to move with agility in this space of multiform resistance if not those who have built their lives and practices of action on the destruction of all forms of authority, on solidarity and on complicity with the various struggles? Anarchists, fighters of the uncertain and the unpredictable, who move with ease between the contradictions of the real, knowing how to appreciate the value of each struggle in its uniqueness, diversity and the strength in being a grain of sand between the mechanisms of power.

And it is precisely in this context that the latest repressive operations carried out against anarchists in Italy insert themselves.

The various state prosecutors and police organs are no longer even concealing the fact that they have moved the target of their persecution from the deed in itself to the criminalization of conflictual existences. The accusatory structure is more and more focused on political and solidarity activity, on the elaboration of theses and analyses, on detailed investigation of everyday behaviour non compliant with the standards of tranquil obedient citizens. From there it is a short step for them to claim, as they did clearly with operation Ritrovo, the preventive matrix of the repressive operation.

If at the centre of the process of criminalization are not facts but behaviours, ideas and our libertarian and antiauthoritarian ways of interpreting and living reality, then all this leads us to a simple conclusion: you are afraid.

In spite of the power of your repressive means, in spite of the fact that you continue to imprison and torture in the barracks and the jails, in spite of the fact you try to divide and separate us, we can smell your fear of possibly losing control of a reality that you no longer see as subjugated and univocal, but multiform, angry and potentially explosive.

A reality which for we anarchists is a natural context within which we move, build our relations of solidarity and complicity in our ability to identify relations between the different forms of struggle expressing themselves or which might break out.

If the question is not clear to you, we will try to tell you a little story:

In a thick wood there is a fire around which a small community are meeting. That fire represents their dreams, desires, the dignity of a path of recognition, self-determination, self-management and mutual aid. Its warmth brings together individuals that recognize themselves united in diversity.

The anarchists’ dreams are reflected amongst its bright flames. Uncertain and changeable faces that go up the tops of the trees in the dense wood to show those who are still around the fire that all around thousands of other fires are shining. And for each fire, a new community, other dreams, other resistances and lives, other individuals united in diversity. And on the horizon, in the flash of a gaze, a great fire is rising illuminating the advancing nothingness.

And it is precisely the fear of seeing the flames of this huge fire blazing that is pushing the Rome prosecutors this time to press the usual charges, which we know very well by now, against seven comrades. The frame-up of this latest repressive operation nominated Bialystok is nothing other than the umpteenth attempt to frighten, divide, stop us, and take our comrades off the streets, from the squats and all the places that can actually be fertile ground for feeding outbreaks of revolt.

Unlike you, we are not afraid. We will always be in solidarity and accomplices with those opposing the disgusting murderous State with all means.

Without taking one step back we will continue to tread our paths towards freedom along with all the comrades locked up in jails and limited in their freedom, certain that our paths of liberation are aimed at striking the mechanisms of power directly, at disrupting the state’s plans in all their violent and authoritarian forms.

You will never have us defenceless victims but unstoppable rebels!

Our most sincere disdain at your forms of repression is equal to the joy of feeling you weak and scared.

Don’t ask the fire that will sweep you away for forgiveness,
it knows no mercy.

Anarchists from Berlin

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