June 14, 2021

Do Anarchists Support Democracy?

Immediatism 101

This reading, Do Anarchists Support Democracy? comes from the excellent little book, To the Desertmaker & Other Writings for Malcontents, by ziq, published by Pistols Drawn and available from LittleBlackCart.com. Many people who self-identify as anarchists argue for forms of democracy and this essay explains how they are minarchists or other ists but not anarchists, and that the confusion lies in misunderstandings about what anarchism is at its core, as well as the possibilities therein. This is a follow-up to last episode, 100, on egoist and individualist thought and their non-relationship to the social anarchies. Between the two of these essays, you really drill down to what anarchism is.
Immediatism Episode 101 Do Anarchists Support Democracy?
Immediatism Episode 100 Enemies of Society, Drawing First Blood

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