May 8, 2021

Novatore episodes on Immediatism

via Immediatism

Enjoy three new episodes of Immediatism podcast, featuring the writings of Renzo Novatore. These singularly beautiful insurrectionary writings, poetic prose exemplifying individualist thought, should occupy a place on the shelves of those who value insurrectionary and even egoist writing. Toward the Creative Nothing is about an hour long and the favorite piece of the three. I Am Also a Nihilist will give you a quick taste. My Iconoclastic Individualism claims that “All societies tremble when the scornful aristocracy of Vagabonds, Unique ones, Unapproachable ones, rulers over the ideal, and Conquerors of Nothing advance without inhibitions.”

“So, come on, Iconoclasts, forward!”

Immediatism 103 Toward the Creative Nothing…

Immediatism 104 I Am Also a Nihilist…

Immediatism 105 My Iconoclastic Individualism…

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