October 22, 2020

TOTW: Electoral politics


It’s that time of year again, on repeat every four years; where in a little more than a month, the spectacle of the USA presidential election will take place live over the virtual live stream of 2020. This week we’re taking a look at elections, politics, and their impact on anarchist ideas.

Do you have a hot take about the upcoming election? What happens after the election? What does the future of anarchist ideas and actions look like under the same / new president? In your anarchist practice, do you feel strongly about any situations over the years, where anarchists have successfully inserted themselves into politics? Or, is it more based to consider how anarchists can liberate themselves from politics and what that may look like?

*[At risk of confining the TOTW to the USA, please feel free to open up these responses to other recent elections around the world.]

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