October 21, 2020

Desert on Immediatism Podcast

Desert is now available as a series of ten podcast episodes at Immediatism.com. This is necessary reading/listening on green anarchism, from its wealth of anarchist perspectival information on global warming and exactly what to expect in the coming years, to its insurrectionary conclusion. I have attempted to represent a sampling of the extensive and fascinating endnotes within some of the episode introductions, but for the full 36 pages of endnotes, pick up a copy of Desert from LittleBlackCart.com, available with your choice of two cover designs.

“An anarchism with plenty of adjectives, but one that also sets and achieves objectives, can have a wonderful present and still have a future, even when fundamentally out of step with the world around it. There is so much we can do, achieve, defend, and be — even here, where unfortunately civilisation probably still has a future.” ~Desert, Ch. 9, p147

Forward & 1 No (Global) Future
2 It’s Later Than We Thought
3 Desert Storms
4 African Roads to Anarchy
5 Civilisation Retreats, Wildness Persists
6 Terror-Nullius Returns
7 Convergence & the New Urban Majorities
8 Conservation Amidst Change
9 Anarchists Behind the Walls
10 Desert

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