October 21, 2020

Mathematical Anarchism Chat Room


from Mathematical Anarchism

I’ve arranged a chat room to have more direct interactions:


Whether you’ve attended one of my workshop of my now ongoing tour and would like to discuss with attendees of other places, whether you’d want to discuss some of the concepts you saw here, in the booklet or in the workshop. But also broader, if you want to discuss how to evolve anarchistic thinking, how we can move to a free world in these times and places, or to think about anarchism in a more systemic and complex way. Or whatever your reason, just check it out : ).

So following the link should get you there- if you don’t yet have an element account, you’ll be asked to make one.
(Btw, if several people would prefer another medium, like a more broadly used but less privacy etc-sensitive like discord, just let me know and we could move there)

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