March 1, 2021

TOTW: Die, Bastards! Die!*

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more nauseating… the 2020 spectacle continues to outdo itself with more and more ridiculousness. Just within the past week we’ve witnessed some doozies coming from the amerikkkan political clown show… one particularly impressive example is watching the POTUS getting called out as a nazi devil by the Left, then announcing that he had contracted the coronavirus, which (of course) immediately led to receiving thoughts and prayers from those same leftists…

The conversation on social media goes something like this:

YungLeftist: POTUS got the rona! Haha! I hope he dies!

WiseLeftist: Nooooo we don’t want our enemies to die! We want them to live so we can reeducate them and change their views!

LiberalMedia: (sobbing) Pleeeease God save the POTUS and FLOTUS!!!

anarchists: *deletes social media forever*

For this week’s Topic of the Week let’s talk about wishing death upon our enemies!! Where do you stand on the matter and when does it end? Will the death of all our enemies help us achieve the anarchy we desire to see in the world? Or, do you instead prefer that your enemies would simply just ‘come around to your way of seeing things/thinking/being…’ Are you sure?

* Translated from the German, meaning: “The Bastards! The!” (Nice try, F B I!)

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