October 21, 2020

Italy: Anarchist Prisoners Announce Food Strike

from Il Rovescio via AMW

Anarchist Prisoners Announce Food Strike in Terni Prison, Italy


Start of a 2-week prison-food strike, from October 19th to November 1st.

We are witnessing a multiple attack on multiple fronts by the State on the practices of solidarity:

Those who express their solidarity with prisoners in struggle are being attacked.

Those who in prison respond to the provocations of the guards and those who receive solidarity for the struggles undertaken are attacked.

Those who have participated in the riots and the protests in the prisons in the recent months are attacked: those riots that in Italy have registered 14 deaths between the prisoners, with reprisals ranging from beatings and disciplinary sanctions to trials with accusations, in some cases, even of devastation and looting.

During the Coronavirus emergency and the uprisings, the State has buried us prisoners even more in coffins of concrete and bars, treating us like rats in a sinking ship and completely isolating us from the world by cutting off all the few bridges that connected us with the outside world. Life conditions in Italian prisons and the fire smoldering beneath the ashes, combined with what was happening made the situation unbearable to many. Without the revolts of the prisoners we would probably all be completely isolated in the prisons today, without the possibility of contact with our loved ones, with our affections, and even with our lawyers.

As anarchists, we do not forget the responsibilities of the State and of the capitalist society: the consumerist lifestyle is the main cause of this pandemic that has exacerbated social isolation, racism, patriarchy, both inside and outside of prisons, as well as the unbridled exploitation, pollution and poisoning that continue to jeopardize the possibilities of a dignified life for all this planet.

For all these reasons, we renew our solidarity with those who rebel and fight, whether in jail or throughout the world, and with all the anarchist individuals investigated, detained, affected by restrictive measures of freedom and those on the run, especially now that we have to face the many trials for terrorism that are the result of the anarchist struggle pursued with passion and determination.

For all these reasons, we anarchists of the AS2 section of Terni communicate that we will start a strike of the prison’s food for two weeks, from October 19th to November 1st to express solidarity to the anarchist Beppe, punitively imprisoned in the protective custody section of the prison of Pavia, demanding his transfer, and to the anarchist Davide Delogu, imprisoned in the prison of Caltagirone and placed under the art. 14 bis for his attitude hostile to the domestication of the prison, demanding that he be removed from solitary confinement and the revocation of the vexatious detention regime to which he has been subjected to for a long time.



Terni Prison, AS2 section, September 2020

(date of letter: September 23, 2020)

From: https://ilrovescio.info/2020/09/28/dal-carcere-di-terni-protesta-in-soli…

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