October 22, 2020

Anarchy & Ecstasy

Visions of Halcyon Days, now on Immediatism podcast

This is a series of anti-civ essays comprising a larger essay, Anarchy & Ecstasy, available in the book Anarchist Speculations: Writings of John Moore, from LittleBlackCart.com, published by Ardent Press.

Part 1 A Sprig of Mistletoe, intro to the essays
Part 2 Toward a Cultural Ecology of Anarchy, relationships between the controller(God), the anti-control (Satan), the controlled (humans), and the anarchic (free humans)
Part 3 On Ecdysis, wearing coverings after the serpent’s temptation of Adam and Eve
Part 4 Bewilderness, a return to bewilderment in the wilderness
Part 5 Eversion Mysteries, describes the prehistoric mystery practices that later gave rise to religion
Part 6 Culture & Anarchy, how the ice age produced war and ended arboriculture
Part 7 The Appeal of Anarchy, a pagan rite in verse

For a review of this text by Hakim Bey, see Immediatism episode 2.
For more John Moore, see episodes 76, 77, and 106.

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