June 17, 2021

Company Vehicle Torched at ‘Johnson Controls’ Facility

Company Vehicle Torched at ‘Johnson Controls’ Facility in Cypress, California (U$A)

In the early hours of October 24th, fire was set to a company vehicle at the Johnson Controls facility in Cypress, CA. This was a direct attack against the structural machinery of the prison industrial complex. Johnson Controls—along with their division Tyco Integrated Security—produces surveillance technologies for jails, prisons, and ICE detention centers. The technology developed by Johnson Controls facilitates the policies of mass incarceration and deportation that are integral to the everyday functioning of the carceral state. This fire was lit as an act of solidarity with the ongoing anti-police revolts taking place across the country: for all those imprisoned during the uprisings and all those who remain free.

Whoever is President come Inauguration day, whether it’s Biden or Trump, one thing is for sure: the deportations and police lynchings of black and brown people will continue. Our collective strength is in the streets—not the ballot box. There is no electoral solution to the crisis we face. Consider this our ballot cast.

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