June 14, 2021


Back in March we had a very active TOTW conversation about the global covid-19 PANDEMIC with a number of fresh thoughts, ideas, and predictions on the then newish subject.

Nearly a year and over 1.3 million deaths later, as multiple cities, states, regions, etc. are facing a second or third (or fourth?) wave of coronavirus cases—along with temperatures dropping and the approach of influenza season in the Northern Hemisphere—some of these same areas are considering implementing (or extending) further lockdown procedures and restrictive measures on the general public. Combined with the promise of a ‘completely safe and effective’ vaccine ‘any day now’ from totally trustworthy pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, how have your thoughts on the pandemic changed since March? If you had only known nine months ago what you know now about the state of things, what would you have done differently and what are your predictions for the year to come?

When a coronavirus vaccine is finally released to (or forced upon!?) the general public, will you rush out to get injected with its delicious vaccine goodness or will you antivax like a champ (chump?) and resist, resist, resist!?

NB: Obviously the questions above are intended for an anarchist audience and could each be tediously prefixed with “from an anarchist perspective …” or “as an anarchist ….” However, this temptation has been resisted in favor of perhaps less predictable responses.

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