May 5, 2021

Solidarity w/ anarchist comrade Juan Sorroche

Round Robin via Contra Info, English translation by Anarchist News

Treviso, Italy: Pamphlet distributed in solidarity with the anarchist comrade Juan Sorroche

Translation received along with photo on 11/30/2020:

Whatever we don’t fight today, we’re gonna pay for it tomorrow.

One word is enough: «curfew». That the States sell as a sanitary measure what has historically always been pointed out as a military occupation of a territory, is a tell-tale sign of the times we’re living in. When they find it necessary to cull – as it’s happening in Denmark- 16 million mink and displace 280,000 people that live around the farms to stop an even more dangerous strain of Covid-19, the time has come to understand that a system of production at war with nature can only cause global illness and other disasters. When, during a pandemic, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, maybe the structural violence is becoming clearer to many.

Some try to respond to this violence. Because they want a different world, or simply because they can no longer bear this one.

In the Modena province alone, 400 workers have been denounced and 120 are being processed for the strikes against Italpizza. For a strike, historic weapon of the working class, today they risk facing up to 12 years in prison thanks to the «security measures» launched by the Lega-5 Stelle government.

In all of Italy, 300 anarchists are or will soon be target of a series of operations planned by the different agencies.

In particular, the next 28th of November Juan Sorroche will face trial, an anarchist comrade that has always been by our side and on the side of anyone who needed him, in Trentino, in Valsusa or in any othe place, he’s opposed environmental devastation and social injustice. Imprisoned for a year and a half now in the AS2 (High Vigilance) section of the Terni prison, Juan is accused of an action against the headquarters of the League of Treviso that took place in August of 2018. While the directors of «Autostrade for Italy» are under house arrest for letting, knowingly, a bridge to collapse instead of spending money to give it maintenance, our comrade is accused of «massacre» (a felony that potentially carries a life sentence) for an attack against one of the headquarters of State racism…

This society is a train without breaks heading towards a precipice. Whoever tries to pull the emergency brakes, whoever sabotages its march, whoever fights the train driver (instead of whoever didn’t pay the ticket in the third class), is a comrade of ours.

To crash or to rise up. The choice is ours.



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