January 27, 2021

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement’s latest newsletter is out now

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement’s latest newsletter is out now

An anarcho-communist new year’s message
Commentary on the election
Commentary on the marijuana referendum
You May Already Be an Anarchist
Book reviews
On-line pdf
Printable booklet

Aotearoa Workers’ Solidarity Movement(AWSM) are an Anarchist-Communistgroup in Aotearoa/ so-called NewZealand. Since 2008 we have promoted the creation of non-hierarchical grassroots democracy and classless, stateless societies here and internationally.We exist so our ideas can be more widely known, understood and adopted by working people. We see this theoretical knowledge and its application as essential in the struggle to replace the dominant economic system of capitalism.Therefore, we have the ultimate aim of becoming a direct action organisation that is physically engaged in daily struggles.We encourage sympathisers to join us and help contribute to this process.

Email: ​[email protected]
Website: https://awsm.nz/
Tweet: @_aotearoawsm

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