June 14, 2021

No More City: Second Issue

via It’s Going Down

Announcing the second issue of anarchist publication No More Cities out of so-called Vancouver, Washington.
We are an anarchist publication based out of so-­called Vancouver. We are are a collective of cats who live in the city because that’s where pals and projects are at. Meanwhile, we plug our ears through the constant car traffic and construction noise and breathe in asphalt fumes and car exhaust. We watch all of our favorite spaces disappear through gentrification and see fewer non-­human animal friends every year. The city is life­ support. The city is death. (You can read more about us on our website https://nomore.city/about-us/)

Our second issue spans from summer of 2020, when NMC #1 dropped, to January 2021. These pieces vary widely in terms of topic but were all made against a backdrop of social isolation that has been amplified by our fear of one another, fear for our own health and the health of vulnerable friends and family. For anarchists in this already ­fragmented “scene,” the lack of community events and the closure/restriction of social spaces mean our lives intersect even less. Life in common has been severely diminished, with significant portions of it transplanted into online conference rooms and social media. In any case, how many of us are too tense, anxious, bored, aimless, scattered, and depressed to do much these days? Isolation makes us miserable, and being miserable makes it harder to connect with others. No one knows how long covid and its attendant social control measures will bear on our everyday lives. We’d like to imagine how we can cut through alienation and start conversations on how.
This time we have created both a printable and a reading copy of the issue.
PRINTABLE PDF: https://nomore.city/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/NMC2imposed_compressed.pdf
READING PDF: https://nomore.city/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/NMC2_compressed.pdf
Check us out @ https://nomore.city/
Disclaimer: We are here to celebrate accomplishments, critique failures, and mourn losses. We as a group exist to publish and lift up other people’s actions, not to directly engage. There are other awesome groups that are organizing actions on this territory, but we are not those folks. The writing we publish is not necessarily our own accounts, nor do all contributors views reflect our own. TLDR: We don’t believe in anything we say and nor do we do any of it.
photo: Guillaume Bourdages via Unsplash

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