May 8, 2021

Three on Civilization, on Immediatism podcast

Three on Civilization, on Immediatism podcast

By request, Immediatism has three recent episodes on aspects of civilization, by Wolfi Landstreicher and Feral Faun. In Civilization and the Creative Urge (in Killing King Abacus Anthology), we are encouraged to engage in unrestrained creative activity and experimentation, for our own pleasure. “[T]he destruction of civilization, this system of social control that is smothering the planet, and the creation of our lives and interactions as so completely our own that they cannot be socialized, systematized or otherwise alienated from us will require explorations and experimentations with the possible that go far beyond anything we have yet tried.” ~Wolfi Landstreicher

Nature as Spectacle: The Image of Wilderness vs. Wildness (in Feral Revolutions) reminds us that Nature is an “ideological construct that serves to domesticate us, to suppress and channel our expressions of wildness,” and to play “fiercely among the ruins of a decaying civilization.” ~Feral Faun

The Cops in Our Heads: Some Thoughts on Anarchy and Morality (in Feral Revolutions) discusses the moral conception of anarchy. “[Anarchy] is a situation free of any moral implications, presenting to each of us the amoral challenge to live our lives without constraints.” ~Feral Faun

Enjoy these three episodes and send your feedback and requests to [email protected].

Civilization and the Creative Urge…
Nature as Spectacle…
The Cops in Our Heads…

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