June 19, 2021

TOTW: Free Palestine

Of the many causes I embraced as a young activist, solidarity with Palestinians fighting Israel is one of the few that’s stuck with me over the years. I went to the West Bank, I stood in the tear gas and helped report about the brutality, home demolitions, checkpoints, the whole deal, but what was painfully clear both in the moment and when I got home was that I felt powerless to stop it.

Unrelenting years later, there are bombs falling in Gaza again, complemented by lynchings and mass arrests in the rest of Palestine. We have no party to validate our support among Palestinians, we seek no revolutionary movement to get behind, we don’t dupe ourselves that the majority of Palestinians would embrace our politics, and yet bombs are falling, and Palestinians are being tortured and fighting against that torture.

If we can’t sate ourselves with marches and writing to government officials, if most of us can’t make it into Palestine ourselves, what can we do? History suggests airplane hijackings and embassy occupations aren’t gonna cut it. So what’s left? Find allies in the struggle and do what we can together? Say fuck it and let the liberals handle it? Say fuck it and kidnap an ambassador anyway? “Do the work” of grinding years of engaging our loved ones and neighbors to try and shift people’s views on what’s going in an attempt to undermine support for the Zionist project?

What can we do?

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