June 19, 2021

Vandalism Against Banks Claimed

"PUNKI MAURI. 12 years...you live on in the revolt!"

via Contra Info, English translation by Anarchist News

Bra$il, May 22, Day of Kaos. Vandalism against banks

If it’s up to us, nothing’s over! Hostile action as part of our path, our conviction in the need of destroying imposed normality, reunites us today in a nocturnal outing, with the memory of those who were tireless in the social war.

P0rt0 Al3gr3 received our vandalic action in four banks. This time we used burnt oil, generously poured over all the ATMs of each bank, with the objective of making them unusable.
And for those who haven’t understood it yet, even though obsolete in the future, these places are the temples of capitalism, without metaphors nor shame. Banks are the ones that make possible accumulation, and are also those that distribute the money that numbs, the flux of the spare change that numbs. That’s why we attacked them.

Chaos, individual or collective, is movement, it’s the blood that runs violently through veins, it’s the force of rivers that destroys its margins, it’s the destructive potency which is transformative. Chaos is life and it hugs those who don’t settle for reforms, those who hate passivity, those who don’t fear the end of it all, those who sooner or later are capable of attacking this disgusting machine of domination, however and with whatever you can.

Our complicit hug to all who provoke chaos with words and actions, to those who make anarchy come to life with their own hands!

With Mauri in our hearts!

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